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Mr. Nicholas L. Carew has worked on programs for many of the world’s most reputable broadcasters, including National Geographic, BBC, Discovery, History Channel, Paramount, and Comedy Central, among many others. His extraordinary talents have earned him and his works many awards and accolades.  Mr. Carew was strategically sought out by HBO’s smash documentary series, Vice.  The producers and directors of Vice chose Mr. Carew as Film Editor of their Emmy winning series specifically because of his impressive reputation in the industry.  The first episode Mr. Carew edited for Vice, “Greenland is Melting & Bonded Labor,” lead to the show’s Primetime Emmy Award in 2014 for Outstanding Informational Series, for which Mr. Carew received an Honors Certificate as Editor.  Thanks to this episode, Mr. Carew garnered significant recognition.  This year, Mr. Carew also received a Primetime Emmy Award as Film Editor of Vice: “Greenland is Melting & Bonded Labor,” Nominee for Best Edited Non-Scripted Series.  Mr. Carew is now a permanent Film Editor for Vice, and the series has once again been nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award in 2015 for Outstanding Informational Series.

Nicholas L. Carew

International Film Editor

I want to formally thank you for helping us get the green card successfully and so easily. I am forever thankful to that first meeting we had with you. We never knew that I would qualify for a green card and your guidance and success in this matter has forever changed my family’s lives. I am looking forward to the possibilities and the future I can build for my family here.  

J E A N- P I E R R E   U Y S 

Photographer, Artist, Creative-Explorer

Vincent Ansanelli, Esq.

Attorney at Law

I just wanted to take a moment to really let you know how much I appreciate your extraordinary level of care and compassion for both of my daughters’ situations.  You’ve gone way beyond professional courtesy and I can’t thank you enough!  You had the intuitive insight to know that the outcomes of the cases were important to me and you brought your best.  So thank you for those extraordinary efforts.  All the best!


Dev aujla

Author / Expert in the field of Social Entrepreneurship

"Dana's true abilities came out when we got a request for more information from the reviewer at the immigration department. The reviewer had not read the application, put the wrong name on it and made errors that would have infuriated any lawyer. She responded promptly, used her connections to demand a supervised review and rewrote the application to reiterate her original points. The result was successful application for EB1 status and a green card. I would highly recommend her. She does great work and took the time to really understand my field and background."

Maxime Hoat

Chief Executive Officer, Livestream 

"Our international acclaim and the growing demand for our services require Livestream to harvest the best talent and the most creative minds from around the world. The Davidson Law Group has helped us secure positions for many of our most promising foreign national employees. I highly recommend Dana Davidson to all my colleagues and friends. The professionalism and integrity you find at the Davidson Law Group are unparalleled."

Dana handled my H1B visa and the green card application. I have also witnessed her over years represent numerous other client. She is always highly professional, has good listening ears where one feels part of the application, never intimidates the clients, and represented clients appropriately. One can contact her any time with questions (a key feature for me when I was applying) as she gives out her cell #.

vishal SHAH

Assistant Professor of Biology, Dowling College

"Amongst all the reputable and respected immigration attorneys I consulted, Dana Davidson was the only one offering a positive course of action to achieve the green card. Mrs. Davidson looked at my complex case and 15 years of paperwork with the acumen and the experience of a great professional, and crafted a legal case that ultimately resulted in my permanent residency in the United States. Simply, there is no substitute to experience, knowledge, and passion."

Antonio di oronzo

Professor of Architecture,

City Col­lege of New York, 
School of Architecture, Urban Design and Landscape Architecture

"Since emigrating from Canada nearly 10 years ago, I have had the opportunity to write for outlets such as Vanity Fair, The New Yorker, The New York Times and Glamour, none of which would have been possible without the hard work of Dana Davidson and her associates at Davidson Law Group. The attention my immigration needs received, the quality with which they were attended to, and the personal interest the associates at Davidson Law Group gave to my case were not only impressive, but unmatched when compared with experiences with other immigration lawyers."

John Ortved

Writer / Editor / Fabulist

"I can't recommend Dana Davidson highly enough. Working with Dana and her team at Davidson Law Group has made the sometimes arduous task of applying for a Greencard an absolute pleasure. Dana guided me through the entire process with both warmth and humanity, unlike some impersonal law firms. Her attention to detail and thoroughness with each submission, afforded me great peace of mind. I would (and have) recommended Dana to any friend looking for a straight talking, highly capable professional who doesn't rest until the job is done."

Kathryn Eisman

TV Reporter / Bestselling Author